April 2017

Losing eyesight, struggling in faith . . .

Now What?

Is Blindness the End?

Is Blindness the End?

A woman fights the frustrations of blindness, but she gains new spiritual sight from God when she allows Him to break her spirit.

Alice Takes the Wheel

I’ll never forget the time a few friends and I taught Alice how to drive. But I’m a little reluctant to tell the tale, even…

March 2017
Winning the Race

Winning the Race

A woman runs for office, answering God’s call to stand for her convictions, but loses the election. She finds out the real conflict isn’t with the winning candidate but with God.

When I’m Weak

My friend Scott has Parkinson’s disease. He is only in his fifties, but the tremors are getting bad. Recently, Scott went to New York City…

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