March 2017

Fighting for a cause, losing in the end . . .

Now What?

Winning the Race

Winning the Race

A woman runs for office, answering God’s call to stand for her convictions, but loses the election. She finds out the real conflict isn’t with the winning candidate but with God.

February 2017
Diary of a Caregiver

Diary of a Caregiver

In caring for her father and his illness, a woman experiences the daily burden of an adult parent — and God’s provisions to help her survive.

Self-Care for Caregivers

Burnout is common among caregivers, due to the constant demands. What can they do to look after their own needs?

Take Care!

I live in a rural and fairly homogenous Midwest community, but recently I learned that a close-knit community book club was close to folding over…

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