Now What?
Help and hope for life’s struggles.

April 2014

The death of a child, a loss of words . . .

Now What?



No Easy Answers

Letting go of a loved one through death is hard — especially when it’s a child. A teacher learns that even when we don’t have explanations, we can trust in God to work redemptively in the lives of others.


God can handle the tough questions we throw at Him. See how Kirk Cameron worked through similar struggles in his film Unstoppable (

March 2014

Freed From Bulimia

Food can be a terrible master, especially when it's used to gain control for emotional issues. But Christ offers freedom.


The Truth About Bulimia

What are some of the issues that lead to this destructive eating disorder? A counselor offers practical and spiritual insight.

February 2014

Learning From Scars

Self-harm is immensely popular, especially among adolescents. See how one young lady relinquished control of her uncontrollable desires to God.


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