Life Movement

In 2011, the founders of Life Movement were called into the pro-life movement. Their first day on the street was eye opening. They watched as the pro-life protesters shamed the women walking into the clinic and cursed the employees walking out, all while holding a large cross and icons of Jesus. The enemy owned both sides of the argument.

The Life Movement is the answer to the question “What would a pro-life ministry that walked out the love of Jesus look like?”

The Life Movement is the solution to a million abortions a year. Over 80 percent of abortions happen because the moms don’t have support. The Life Movement mobilizes the church to support pregnant moms in three main areas: spiritual support, material support, and housing.

The Life Movement is an adoption-based ministry. The body of Christ adopts the mom. If mom doesn’t feel she can provide the best opportunities, we help facilitate low-cost adoptions.

Life Movement has no overhead and no office. The organization operates by creating an email list (called Star Throwers) of those who are willing to step up and help when needed. It might be to buy diapers, have coffee with a young girl, or offer assistance with transportation. It is an extremely effective model to reach women who think that no one cares about them.

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