Do You Know Jesus?

In the beginning, God created the human family to have companionship with Him, but He gave them the ability to choose. At a certain point in their relationship with God, Adam and Eve exercised free choice and walked away from Him. As a result of this sin, humanity — all Adam’s offspring — became separated from God.

If this sin is not remedied properly, as God sees it, then all of us will die and face His judgment of eternal death. In various ways, people have been trying to get back to God and the better life He offers. They’ve tried good works, human religions, good education, and philosophy — even moral living. But self-effort cannot bridge the gap that sin created between God and us.

Only God has the remedy for our sin problem: It’s all in the gospel of His Son Jesus Christ. By believing the grace and truth that is in Jesus, trusting Him to forgive our sins (all we’ve done wrong), turning from those sins, and asking Him to lead our lives, we are restored to God’s family and fellowship. Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection have bridged the gap.

When we return to God through Christ His Son, Jesus promises us eternal life, instead of the curse of death, and no judgment (or condemnation) (see John 5:24).

This means we don’t need to spend the rest of our lives wondering, What will happen to me when I die? Because of Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross and our reliance on Christ as Savior and Lord, we know we will spend eternity with Him.

Where are you in this picture? On humanity’s side, separated from God? Is that where you want to stay? If you’d like to cross over and be with God, are you willing to trust and obey Christ by confessing your sins and inviting Him into your life right now?

If so, join us in a prayer something like this: “God, I need You. Thank You for sending Jesus to die on the cross for my sins. I ask You to forgive me of all the things I have done wrong. I receive Christ as my personal Savior and ask Him to be the Lord and leader of my life. Come into my heart now and change me from the inside out. I pray this in the name of Jesus, amen.” If this is your honest prayer and earnest desire, you may be assured that God has heard you and that He does exactly what He promised in John 5:24, above. You may not feel different immediately, but you will soon know the difference as God reminds you of this decisive prayer and of your need to trust and obey Him in all things. May He bless you in your new relationship with Him!

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