Fighting Off Temptation

How to give the Devil the one-two punch.

by J. Grant Swank, Jr.

All of us are confronted with temptation. It is a “given” when part of a spiritually fallen world. The Devil is referred to in the Bible as the Prince of the Power of the Air. That means he is at work everywhere, trying to ruin lives and damn souls.

Therefore, know that when you are tempted by the Devil, you are in the same lot as all other mortals spinning about the globe.

What can you do to overcome the Devil’s tempting lures? Note these spiritual guidelines for a spiritual fight:

1. Know who you’re dealing with.

Though the Devil is the “prince,” Christ Jesus is the King of kings!

You’re in the victory league when you side with the King against the prince. Therefore, determine in your heart to line up with Jesus Christ and the Bible.

2. When tempted, speak Bible verses to the Devil.

When the Devil tempted Jesus in the wilderness for forty days and nights at the beginning of His public ministry, Jesus replied with quotations from the eternal Bible. You too will find power of soul when you do the same.

The Devil despises the Bible. It is truth; he is deceit. It is power; he is ultimately powerless. It is eternal in winning impact; he is temporary in masquerade.

Therefore, quote the Bible to the Devil and his demons when they tempt you. They will cower before the strength of your relationship with the prowess mightier than they.

3. Pray.

Have intimate times alone with God. Go to Him often in prayer, talking with Him about those temptation scenes.

He is more than acquainted with any temptation that may confront you. Nothing is new under the sun, the Bible reminds us. Therefore, the Devil cannot level a new tactic that Creator God has not already seen and unraveled.

Go to God in prayer often — throughout the day, in the middle of the night, when awakening. Maintain a running conversation with Him to keep your soul strength up-to-date.

4. Frequent places and people who are committed to your soul-health.

Stay away from those places and people who would pull you down into sin.

That makes simple sense. Then use it. Stay with it.

Do not over-try your soul strength. Do not bait the Devil. Do not presume upon your savvy spirit. You are a fool if you do. Stay on the side of wisdom and so frequent places and people who foster holiness before God.

5. Worship regularly.

Do not stay away from church, where those who share your faith gather in the name of Jesus Christ.

Worship meaningfully. Do not simply “put in time” when in church. Concentrate on the power of God, the meaning of the Bible, prayer, and soul-friends to your right and left.

Ask God to help you each time you worship. Revel in that reviving power to ward off the tempting spirits.

6. Educate yourself concerning what is sinful and what is holy.

Such tutoring comes from the Bible and God’s spiritual presence in your heart.

The Bible educates you concerning right and wrong. God’s voice pricks your conscience when you are nearing dangerous land mines. Heed and obey both the Bible and God’s voice.

7. Know that whatever you do is known to God.

Whatever you do will affect your soul-health. Whatever you do will be revealed at the Judgment.

We are all accountable. Nothing goes amiss. We will all meet the Creator God to answer for what we did with our lives. Therefore, you want your record to be clean and aligned with the holiness of the Bible.

8. Speak Jesus’ name when confronted with demons.

They do not like Jesus or His name. His name is power. Speak it repeatedly.

Worldlings speak His name in derision; we believers speak His name in honor and power. Get hold of that precious name. It speaks of the divine Incarnation. It speaks of Resurrection might. It speaks of holiness before heaven and earth.

9. Share your temptations with a spiritual counselor you can trust.

Go to that spiritual mentor for assistance when confusion sets in, when you feel particularly lonely in the battle. But be certain this is a person you can trust with your temptations.

Ask God to direct you to that spiritual mentor. It cannot be just anybody; it must be someone chosen by God for your soul-health.

10. Praise God when tempted.

The Devil despises praise. He wants you to be non-plussed and wilted. He wants you to be discouraged and forlorn.

Fool the Devil. Start praising Jesus and God. Thank heaven for the Bible, worship, prayer, and Christian friends. Praise heaven for every blessing you are enjoying that day. Praise heaven that your soul has been redeemed by Jesus Christ.

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