Adjusting to Pregnancy

  • Don’t deny your feelings, but realize they are just that — feelings, not eternal reality. The way you feel right now about this pregnancy (angry at yourself or husband, scared, flustered, etc.) is OK, so don’t feel guilty about what you feel. Yet realize in six months or a year, your feelings most likely will be different.
  • Take your fears and anxieties to God. He is not surprised by this pregnancy, nor is He overwhelmed by it. He will not be angry at you for what you feel. Similarly, He cannot wait to assist you and give you supernatural wisdom and comfort through prayer and time spent with Him.
  • Don’t dwell on your negative emotions; find something fun about your pregnancy. Have you always dreamed of decorating the nursery? Shopping for maternity clothes with your mom? Spending hours searching for the perfect name? Go ahead and have fun doing it. Just because you have overall anxiety about this new life growing inside you doesn’t mean you should deny yourself these joys.

— Crystal Kupper

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