A Christian-based support group, Griefshare ( is accessible online throughout the country and is a lifeline for many. Once on the site, a person enters their zip code to bring up local groups available in their area, with contact information. The small-group members watch a video, take notes in a $15 workbook, and provide support for each other. They’re encouraged to journal as well.

The program lasts 13 weeks. On the website there is a bibliography for specific kinds of losses (of a child, spouse) or on subjects like surviving the holidays. All of these materials can be ordered directly from the website without being a member of Griefshare.

This site recommends a book I believe would be a good resource: Grieving with Hope: Finding Comfort As You Journey Through Loss, by Kathy Leonard and Sam Hodges (Baker Books 2011). This book dispels the myth that we neatly move through the steps of the grieving process. We’re more likely to jump back and forth and experience multiple stages at once. It also deals with issues that grieving people face but are reluctant to share with others.

— Jeri Stockdale