How to Climb a Mountain – Checklist

  1. Contact employer. Investigate any life insurance.
  2. Contact lawyer. Get copies of the will and powers of attorney.
    • Get advice on probating of will.
    • Get deeds changed on any joint property.
  3. Contact insurance company immediately.
  4. Contact bank. Joint accounts, any investments, registered retirement savings plans (RRSP’s), etc. need to be transferred.
    • Establish an estate account to be used for receiving insurance money and paying bills related to the estate.
  5. Pay all bills — credit cards, loans, etc.
  6. Cancel credit cards after they are paid in full.
  7. Cancel driver’s license.
  8. Contact hydro, gas company, phone company, etc.
  9. Apply for government death benefits, if applicable.
  10. Prepare final income taxes.

This is not a comprehensive list, and it will vary by country and individual. Most funeral homes are helpful in supplying the information needed.

— Ann Peachman