Jesus: The Amen

Receiving God's stamp of approval.

by Tami Rudkin

These are the words of the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the ruler of God’s creation (Revelation 3:14, NIV).

And so it is.
So be it.
Let it be so.

All of these phrases are synonyms for the word amen. When I pray to God with a pure heart, repenting of my sins, and seeking Him, I may finish my petitions with a resounding “Amen!” I leave in His hands the trials, the questions, and the longings I depend on Him to fulfill. And I say, “Let it be so,” confident that He, the master of the universe, has heard His child speaking and that He will respond with a father’s heart.

God in person

How do we have such confidence that God hears our petitions? Isn’t He far removed from us? Doesn’t He have better things to do with His royal time? Aren’t there too many of us to attend to?

No. We know God listens with the most attentive ear, because He revealed Himself, His caring heart, His open-armed love, and His reassuring peace to us through Jesus. John, the author of Revelation, called Jesus the Amen.

Living example

Jesus, the Amen.

By His life, death, and resurrection, Jesus declared, “And so it is.” The precepts and lifestyle He modeled when He lived on earth would have to become ours if we ever wanted life. In His actions Jesus declared His ways of love for one another, peace that the world would never understand, uncalculated generosity, forever forgiveness, and unspeakable joy. And He said, “Let it be so.”

Jesus’ likeness demands reflection in ours because His death speaks always of the greatness of His forgiveness. His resurrection speaks mightily of His rightful place of honor and glory as the God of the universe. We’ve known since our first encounter with Him as Savior that our lives will never be the same and that we, too, need to be conformed to Him.

Joy of conformity

What a joy it is to take on the likeness of one such as He. Jesus is the loving Amen, the one who with great affection stands behind us, beside us, and in front of us, urging each of us on to the holiness His own righteousness requires.

Because of Jesus’ inviting and protective arms of friendship, being conformed to Him is a pleasure, not a burden. Amen?

Divine endorsement

Using this beautiful word amen as a noun means approval, endorsement, backing. If ever I felt any kind of aura about Jesus, it is that He approves of me like a father does his own flesh and blood. It is never a blind love but an unconditional love. It is rarely a silent love but a boastful love. It is always an encouraging love, ever desiring the best for me. Jesus, by stretching out His arms on the cross, enveloped me in a love that backs me when I am weakened by the world’s demands, endorses my life when all others have said I am nothing but a failure, and stamps His approval on me — a little child yearning to know more of Him.

There are times when Jesus comes to me and says, “I know your deeds! You are not what I had hoped you’d be. You have become so wishy-washy, so lukewarm, a fence-rider. I am angry. There is much more for you! But no matter how far you’ve wandered, remember I am here, always committed and always ready to come . . . to dine with you, to fellowship with you, to instruct you in My ways again.”

It is the ultimate “I love you,” the endorsement of my value, the strong backing, the stamp of approval I need when Jesus says, “You’ve distanced yourself; but simply invite Me back, and I’ll be there.” He, the warm, ever-embracing Father, loves me. He is the Amen of my life.

Abiding presence

When all heaven was created, God said, “It is so.” When all humanity’s groaning for freedom was sincere, He said, “So be it.” When all my life is slipping out of control, He whispers to me, “So it is.”

But by His eternally abiding with me, I know He cares for me. Though my own selfish will leads me to times of compromise and shades of gray, I hear His words: “I am here, the Amen, the stamp of approval on your precious heart, your searching heart, your heart so dear to Me.”