Learning to Feel Again: First steps

Do you long to feel more of some emotions, yet fear that certain feelings will stir up too much pain? Are you struggling with painful memories? Maybe you have reached the point of saying, “I can’t take this anymore.”

The good news is that you can get better. Here are some ways to get started.

Talk to a pastor or counselor who has experience in helping people with the kind of struggle you’re dealing with.

Read books or listen to tapes that tell ways of moving beyond the past (used book stores are a great resource).

Write your feelings and experiences in a journal.

Join a support group with other people wrestling through issues, such as addictions, adult children of alcoholics, and codependency.

Connect with group therapy designed to support people with circumstances similar to yours.

Share with safe friends — friends who can listen without passing judgment on you and can support you in your recovery commitment.

Pace yourself: Give yourself breaks to rest and play.

Take time for reflection, then set it aside to deal with today’s issues.

Pray for God to guide your journey.