Life After Abortion-Effects of Abortion

Some of the effects women experience after an abortion are:

  • the inability to get pregnant
  • depression
  • projection (taking care of someone else’s child)
  • not wanting to tell the people closest to them
  • wondering constantly about the baby
  • wanting to replace the child with another pregnancy
  • anger toward the father of the baby or toward others who may have encouraged abortion
  • guilt
  • a tendency to enter an abusive relationship
  • denial that they did anything wrong or that they have problems concerning their abortion
  • rejection of others who are pregnant.

Most women find they need to talk openly about their abortion experience. If you have had an abortion, talking to someone who will accept your feelings and who won’t condemn you is a good first step. Sometimes this is a friend who really cares about you.

If you attend a church, the pastor or his wife may be a good listener. You can also locate a pro-life organization that cares about women and offers post-abortion counseling. Usually these organizations also offer support groups so you can meet and talk with others who have had an abortion.

Lezlie M. Winberry

 Life After Abortion