Opening the Case: Resources on Forgiveness

by Lynn Hare

Self Talk, Soul Talk: What to Say When You Talk to Yourself, by

Jennifer Rothschild:

Me, Myself and Lies: A Thought-Closet Makeover (Bible study workbook),
by Jennifer Rothschild:

Choosing Forgiveness, by John and Paula Sanford, Elijah House

Freedom Through Forgiveness, by Nathan Daniel:
Freedom Through Forgiveness Ministries: personal ministry sessions
available; also books, CDs, and DVDs on forgiveness

The Pearl Box, by Sylvia Rogers:  Bible study book about breaking the
bondage of disease through biblical tools for spiritual, physical,
mental, and emotional health:

Restoring the Foundations Ministries & Resources: Generational prayer;
forgiveness; godly beliefs; freedom from darkness.

Forgive and Forget: Healing the Hurts We Don’t Deserve,
by Lewis Smedes

The Art of Forgiving: When You Need to Forgive and Don’t Know How,
by Lewis Smedes