Reaching Out

How can we reach out to those who are grieving? In my grief journey as a widow, I gained valuable insights about a support system.

  • Accept my feelings. Don’t make me feel as if I have to apologize or be ashamed of my grief.
  • Give me time to mourn.
  • Listen to me. Let me tell my story. Allow me the healing of reliving those last days and weeks.
  • Offer practical help. Your experience and expertise are invaluable.
  • Continue to call or send a note or card. Months later, I will still need you.
  • Include me in your activities.
  • Hug me gently. I’m fragile, and a soft touch brings comfort.
  • Don’t misinterpret my needs or make assumptions. I’m not interested in your spouse; I’m grieving, not looking.
  • Pray for me and with me.
  • Help me laugh again. Laughter, too, heals.

— Becky LeRud