Rescue of the Throwaway Child: Words to the Wise

This life, even at its best, provides a barrage of signals and experiences that tend to tear us down. Sometimes destructive communication comes from those who should love and support us most. At times like these, we may turn to the Bible repeatedly for God’s estimate of who we are.

For example, our value to God is much greater than that of His creation (Matthew 6:26). God calls us “precious” and “honored” (Isaiah 43:4). He is like a shepherd to us (40:11). When we accept Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for our sins, God loves, accepts, forgives, and blesses us!

While it is true that we are forgiven by God in just a moment of placing our faith in Christ, it is also true that some patterns of thinking and feeling may take years to erase or change. Help is available for those suffering from emotional abuse. Many churches offer small groups to assist people working through painful childhood memories and emotional scars. With human support and divine assistance, healing will come!

– BA