The Blessings of Today

Don't overlook the here and now.

by Trey Graham

Today . . . a gift from God, the anticipation of tomorrow. Today . . . the birthplace of dreams, the resting place of memories. Today . . . the starting place for projects, the finish line for accomplishments. Today . . . when yesterday’s fears are unmasked and tomorrow’s worries originate.

Today . . . the only currency that can buy the world at the present, but becomes worthless if hoarded for the future. As Ben Franklin stated many years ago, “If time be of all things the most precious, then wasting time is the greatest prodigality; for lost time is never found again.”

Today . . . one more chance to hug a child, thank a teacher, visit a friend, walk the dog, call home, take a nap, and write Mom.

Our last days

We must all live our todays as if they were our only days on this earth, because they very well might be. Remember the coaches’ creed: “Play every play as if it were your last.” The sign in the Notre Dame locker room reminds every football player who walks onto the field “Play like a champion today.”

King Solomon admonishes us “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth” (Proverbs 27:1, NIV). God has not promised us tomorrow, but only that today we have received another gift of life.

Second chance

Today we should all reflect on the daily prayer of my friend whose cancer recently went into remission: “Thank you God for another day to be alive and another day to serve You.”

Today . . . another opportunity to right a wrong, wipe a tear, say a prayer, hold a hand, heal a hurt, mend a fence, and break down a wall.

Today . . . 24 hours of choices, 1440 minutes of decisions. Who will I love today? Who will I serve today? Or who will I hurt today? Who will I cheat today?

Today is the only day you can practice the Golden Rule and observe the Ten Commandments.

Today . . . you can read a book, share a laugh, sing a song, write a letter, plant a tree, or admire a sunset.

Living your epitaph

Tomorrow is part of the future that may never come; yesterday is part of the past that can never be changed. The debts of yesterday have already been paid; the promissory notes of tomorrow cannot yet be cashed. We only have today to ask forgiveness, reach out to others, begin a new friendship, or encourage another pilgrim on this journey called life.

Today may indeed be our only chance to make a significant mark on this world. What will people remember about you? What will be written on your tombstone? Live your epitaph today, realizing that time is never spent — it is only invested.

What have you done with your today?