The Ugly Truth: Recommended reading and resources

I often recommend the Web sites of my articles:

“Feelings, Forgiveness, and Peace” and “Moving On From the Past”:

Accept Jesus Christ as Savior:

Gainvictory over a bad temper:

“Dr. Muriel” Web site:

Other recommendations

Child Help USA for persons who were abused sexually as children: 1-800-422-4453

Children’s Center child abuse hot line: 1-800-722-2737

If you know of a child who is being sexually or physically abused, call your local Social Services.

These books can help women who were abused in their homes as children who are attracted to abusive men: Safe People, by John Townsend and Henry Cloud (Zondervan); Changes That Heal, by Henry Cloud.

This book can help people overcome their anger: What’s Good About Anger? by Jeanette J. Hoy and Ted Griffin (CounselCare Connection).

– Muriel Larson